International Pepper Conference 2020

Despite a drop in total shipped volume by close to 5%, we have witnessed a rise in pepper prices by 20%. Is this a fundamental signal or a mere overstocking action remains to be seen. Once again time has come to take stock of the year and estimate the trends for 2021. We at IPC have been constantly working with all stakeholders to disseminate information along the entire supply chain. In line with our goals and in the realm of current travel restrictions, the IPC 2021 conference will be held through a series of Webinars.

An Online Webinar has its own limitations. To overcome this and to give you an experience closer to that of a physical conference, we are building a series of new features. The Virtual Exhibition is free of cost so that products and services of a wide range of suppliers are available to you.

Keeping track of multiple links for various presentations is a cumbersome task. We are integrating all such links into the IPC mobile app to make it easier for you to access the sessions. A customised web platform will also be available for you to participate using your computer/laptop.


The topics have been carefully chosen to deliver maximum benefit for you within the shortest time possible. Therefore the Webinar will comprise of 3 short presentations, titled as follows:

  • Pepper Plantations: "Maintaining farms in a regime of low revenues"

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Black pepper amidst the Global Pandemic of Corona Virus.

  • Consolidated Country Crop presentation.

As usual all the PPTs used will be available through the IPC Mobile App.

The registration for webinar and virtual exhibition is free and available to all stakeholders.